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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Weetabix Challenge

Can you eat a weetabix in less than 1 minute? You may laugh scornfully at such a challenge but believe me boys, with no liquids to help your pathetic saliva glands, it aint as easy as you think. I managed 1 minute 16 seconds. Many are post 2 minute wimps.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Luke 9v18

So anyway, I am back home speaking to YPF on Friday on the above text. I wanted to share a few thoughts for feedback and reflection if anyone has time...? The General Idea: After Peter hits on the truth about who Jesus actually is, Jesus drops a fat news package on the disciples: establishment rejection, the lowest form of darkness to endure and finally a comeback of huge miraculous proportions. Due to the weight of this secret identity and mission, there is a viral link with everyone in history. All people everywhere are split between two camps: tight fisted losers and loose-handed winners. Thoughts: I have the main idea of using a pregnancy image to convey the weight of this moment in Biblical revelation. - it all turns on Jesus the Christ - foundational like a conception - the salvation events in history progress rather like the growth of the child - we have little control over a bigger event than ourselves - the events unfolding from this Christ revelation are connected to every person in the way that a baby in the womb is inextricably connected to his/her parents - whatever the parents do (ignore, abort or cherish) the fact remains - they are responsible I am trying to connect with a teen audience and bring the moment of revelation as close as possible to something similar to their possible experience. Thoughts are useful if anyone has time.

Cool woman, Pauline

Dear Guys, Got to tell you my news. Pauline just won a competition. The prizes were:-

  • a Batman Begins T-shirt (really cool design)
  • a Batman baseball cap with a bat badge on the front
  • a little light torch that shines a bat shape onto the ceiling
  • a pair of tickets to watch the film or any other non-Fls film

What a cool win. Tonight I shall lie in bed in my cap and T-shirt and the Bat image shining on the ceiling. No smart-mouth retorts from you "Jokers" (geddit)

Celebrate with me.

I AM Batman!

You want some?

Spent yesterday evening smashing, hacking and ripping off tiles and plaster in our bathroom with "the big bear". This was us clean and ready for action before the destruction began. It was 1.30am by the time we had cleared it all away and revived ourselves with cheese and port in the cool refreshing air of the back garden. I still have some really old tiles to get off that are welded to the wall with concrete dating back to 1935 when the house was built! I've heard of a thing called a "Kango" which I'm hoping to hire at the weekend. Any of you chaps had much experience ripping off old tiles with a Kango?

Monday, June 27, 2005

PBF update

I love most of this guys work. The book world, missing grandfather and no one is thirsty are among my favourites. Some of it is dodgy but some is among the funniest I have seen anywhere ever. Is that too much hyperbole?

I'm back...

... and refreshed after a week in Liverpool (did you know Pastor Bygraves never takes a day off or a holiday?) chewing the fat with CEC's ex youth worker and even drinking the odd beer (if I had hair I would have let it down!). We then headed for a week of Suffolk sunshine and I got a heat rash. Ahh, I've returned with a spring in my step. I've taken a few pictures and need to decide which will be appropriate for our venerable forum. My, what a lot I've missed: dead birds, Batman reviews, a critique of the ASBO cartoon (see my thoughts added to that strand) and even huffheims has made a comment! Wonders never cease. Its good to be back

Friday, June 24, 2005

Body bag

Another body bag in the bin. I think I'd better get one o those cat bells or toonarmy's gonna be doing a Jason Bourne - camoflaged in our garden with his S.A.S. night-sights and a silenced rifle....waiting for little Muji to drop her guard.

Batman Again

Raz-Old-King Yeah, I went again with a mate last night: didn't diminish at all. "Most Impressive"

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Cool clip

I didn't watch the whole thing, but this a very cool thing about 1 minute into it.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Scared off?

I hope I haven't scared off anyone with such massive post last time. Don't worry about responding if you don't feel up to it. I won't be hurt. On another point, any thoughts about 'spirituality shopper' on C4? (Those of you who still use TVs...). My thoughts initially: 1. Sad to see Edwards do this kind of thing in this way. 2. Bolt on spirituality serves to reinforce self-survival and well being rather than bring anyone to their knees. 3. Who would ever go 'shopping' for true christian repentance? Laters.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Criticism of ASBO cartoon

I think that this is an interesting response to the last strip:   "Thank you for your efforts via the E.N.'Epilogue', to preach the Gospel in a contemporary way. I am sure it involves a tremendous amount of work and heart searching, so I am reluctant to criticise your latest effort in the July copy.    But the simple fact is, the title jars. I feel that to take the words of our Lord and screw them about until they fit a contemporary issue is to join the enemy.  You will be aware of the present trend to use the word of God as a resource to plunder.  Comedians, journalists and politicians are all guilty of using and mis-using Bible quotations and have no respect for its authority or real message.  It has just become another area for iconoclasts to break down to crude levels and use for their own ends. The article in the June E.N. by Eleanor Margesson included this trend as one of her concerns.   I realise that this is to enter choppy water.  To find an outlet for one's talent and to harness it for God's glory is a noble thing and much can be justified in the cause of, 'becoming all things to all men'.  But for all that we still have a responsibility to uphold the awesome holiness and majesty of God and his name.   With best wishes for your evangelism," And here is what I wrote back: "Thanks for that. Do you mind explaining your point further...? I am still unsure how the title is a distortion of the word of God. True, I deliberately used a phrase from the traditional rendering of the 'Lord's prayer', but I am unsure how this is a distortion of the 'word of God'. I might be wrong in this, but my view of language and specific cultural forms is that they are all meant to be used for good and can be flexible. Hence the prologue of Johns gospel using the 'word' idea from then-contemporary thought and investing it with gospel meaning. I believe that the reverse is also true, and that as Christians who are interested in incarnational evangelism, we should be prepared to hang loose to terms such as the one I 'borrowed' for the title. I acknowledge that the term is one that many generations have used and love when saying the Lord's prayer. If I have offended anyone by using that then I can only apologise, but I also feel that the meaning of the prayer is the thing to be protected. The only specifics which are untouchable (as far as I see it) are the events of gospel history and the interpretation that scripture places on those events. As far as the language goes, haven't the majority of the church-going public moved on from that particular phrase to an equally valid alternative ('hallowed by your name')? However, the big idea contained in the cartoon last month was in fact an arrow pointing beyond human failure to father, and institutional ideas about 'fixing' the situation with ASBOs, to a Heavenly Father who is not harsh but Holy and Intimately Loving. I am quite happy to be challenged on the point of abusing God's word, but isn't it mainly a cultural form ('...be thy name...') that you are trying to protect rather than the meaning of the prayer? I think that our reactions say a lot about what we hold as important in reaching the lost. Your comments are most valuable and stimulating." I don't think that my response was very clear, but I am submitting it here for discussion because I think that this hits a nerve at the heart of culturally relevant out-reach. Thoughts?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Mr & Mrs Archer Posted by Hello

Batman Begins

"But what makes this Batman so enjoyable is how Mr Nolan balances the story's dark elements with its light, and arranges the familiar genre elements in new, unforeseen ways." That is a very good quote. I went last night and can confidently say that I haven't enjoyed a film as much as this in a very long time. It was exactly what Star Wars wasn't: entirely absorbing, emotional, intellectually stimulating and balanced. The other big non-parallel with SW was the way in which it took a familiar story and still managed to keep you guessing. The whole of SW was like the last fifteen of LOTR: you knew where it was going but kept quiet because you respected it (although for a whole film that is a bit too much for my liking). With BB the story was fresh throughout. I was pretty cautious throughout, fearing dropout etc, but man it never stopped coming at you! Note on the rating: 12a This is not right: there are pretty disturbing moments in it that are probably worse than the LOTR hardest stuff by some way. In some ways this is great - to create something truly scary is quite hard to do - but for a 12a it doesn't feel right somehow. Favourite bits Don't worry: this is in the trailer, and I enjoyed it even more in the film. When Morgan Freeman skids the new batmobile and Bale says "Does it come in BLAAAAAACK?" I laughed a lot at this bit - in fact, I thought you might want to hear it for yourself. I will probably see it again very soon.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Will the killing never end?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The dangers of fast food

A friend of mine took this shot with my camera while we were waiting for a burger at Pwhelli. Is it just me or does this guy look familiar?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Happy Unpainted post-day

No longer a posting virgin, he's blogging like a beast.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend Away in Mid-Wales

Just got back from a lovely weekend away with 14 international students. I drove the mini-bus the whole weekend which was good fun but my shoulders are killing now! We linked up with a fellowship in a place called Newtown and enjoyed wonderful Welsh hospitality. For the first time in my life I experienced a full-bodied Welsh rendition of singing grace before we ate lunch today. I don't think my croaking English vocals added much to the angelic harmonies of our hosts but they made up for my lack - it was a small taste of heaven boys.

Brain food.

The latest work for the school newsletter. Brainfood

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Lovely trip

Have a lovely trip with this. By the way, if you keep going up and up you end up being joined by me and the misses with hula music!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Entertainment/leisure question

Lets start a new one here: toonarmy said... OK, let me ask a fundamental question. What is the biblical justification for engaging in "entertainment" and/or "leisure"? Thursday, June 09, 2005 11:54:34 AM

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Bazooka Joe

Now this is a real blast from the past. I remember walking home from St Catherines on Leatherhead Rd, aged 8 and going to the Choc Box and getting one of these if I was a good boy. Consumerism wrapped up in dodgy theological presuppositions... not to mention unhealthy dietary habits.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Doctor Who

Just saw the Cardiff-rift one (shown this week). Not very good!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

ASBO father final

I thought it was worth putting up a link to the final version. I was really unhappy with the text and did it again. Any comments are most welcome. I have to email the final before Monday when they will be doing the donkey work on the paper.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

ASBO father

Here is the fruit of the recent discussion. Any thoughts? I submit it for your review comments... Asbofatherv1Webtest

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I've seen it!

At last I had a free evening and was able to sample episode 3. Favourite bits: I loved the opening shots of the space battle, particularly with the obi wan theme playing. The scene with Palpatine and Anakin at that liquid globes show was great, I thought Palpatine sowing the seeds of temptation was spot on. The bit where Vaders helmet goes on and the breathing starts, its what I've been waiting for... and of course, there were loads of lightsabre fights. What more could we want from a film. Not so great: The romantic talk between Anakin and Padme was daft. Anakins decision to turn to the dark side was unconvincing. Yoda doing backwards street talk ("if I have anything to do with it not" or something like that).

Overdose of Kittens

Matrixcats And there's more. Much more.