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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Terror draft...

Updated with changes from comments. I was hoping that you boys could have a look at the draft EN cartoon before I submit it. Mrs Tata doesn't really get it, but I like it a lot. Unsure. Frank comments are always good.

Old King: a baby odyssey.

After Frog's abuse I couldn't resist.

True powers revealed

photo copyright Erudite labs inc.Fortunatly, modern advancements in imaging technology enable us too see the Young King's true powers. Startling dont you think? Erudite Labs inc.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Charlie is a 90% hit!

Yes folks, I went last night (give us a break, I haven't been to see anything for ages - at least 2 weeks). Several things to report back on several fronts:

1. The film itself 2. How annoying are girls? 3. The audience... aaagh. Such a pleasure.

1. The film itself I went mainly because we have a guest and it was a ten minute type decision. I hadn't wanted to go. I was really quite pleased in a similar way to Hitchhikers but better. This film fits into the same category: a worthy adaptation with tons of memories and fresh revisions.

I was surprised that Tim Burton can actually make a film with a gripping storyline. Everything he has done has been style killing the story. I was gripped by 90%. I actually cried a couple of times with a weird sort of joy as the expectation rose and rose.

The darker injections are really really really great. There are a number of genuinely disturbing departures during the film - especially a scene at the start of the factory tour with some mechanical puppets. Very funny to me, although the cinema was more subdued for some horrified reason. 2. How annoying are girls? Man, those two girls who came with me: so annoying! They missed about ten really good gags because they were having a 'sharing' time everytime something happened of reflective value! What gives? In the middle, Mrs Tata even started asking me something about the original film and book and I had to reply a little too loudly 'I don't know but I'd be happy to chat about it when the film has finished. It is still showing over there at the moment my dear.' Nuff sed. 3. The audience... aaagh. Such a pleasure. When the curtains and certificate were first projected, loads of people started cheering. Of course, it kept building and building as others started whistling and others again started saying stuff. In midst of it all I snuck into the fray and started shouting random things very loudly - things like 'Bring me the Wonka!', 'Where is that choco laaate'. It was huge fun.

Mrs Tata threatened me with silent treatment if we 'got thrown out' for making a noise! She soon nearly ate her own words as the reflections began.

I merely ate my own jelly treats.

Baby King

An update on Mrs King. She is generally well, 33 weeks into the pregnancy now. Due 17th September. Getting increasingly uncomfortable with the growing bump - hopefully it wont be quite as large as its dad! We've done the ante-natal classes and are now trying to get the house DIY finished before D-day. This picture was taken during my 'aspirations to take over the world' phase - the old camera used to take it wasn't fast enough to capture the jedi lightning coming from my fingers.

Friday, July 29, 2005

A Taste of Asia

btw, This isn't me (Old King), it's one of our short termers experiencing the joys of Taiwanese soft drinks. It's become a bit of an institution!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mean Bird

I went to a children's farm at the weekend and met this character. I think he must run the place. I can't work out if he's a duck or a goose, and I didn't like to ask. He liked having his picture taken, but not when I tried to get one of him standing next to my two year old. He walked off in a strop before I could get that shot. doesn't like to share the limelight.

Internet Phenomenon

UPDATED I was horrified (and very sorry) about Toons unfortunate experience on this posting, so I have erased and updated it for those of you who, like him, gravitate to the rough. 1. Look at this hilarious clip. 2. Look at this hilarious cat. That should do it. PS. I suddenly realised this morning that we should all forgive and move on from several stunning unilateral 'bursts'. I believe that, frustrated by the twin events of a seagull-splattered mondeo and that post being at the top for some time, both Toon and myself acted in an unjustified unilateral manner. He revealed the handle of the inner ring (did I say I'd deleted the offensive bits of this post?) and I invited another. Both acted without consent from (lets face it - no one else is currently in an internet-mood-silence) King. Okay, so my decision has led to a dear brother being inspired and brought life to an aging system that was creaking under a 1.8 engine up some massive Hastings Hill - whereas the other decision might mean innocent bloggers dying under the watchful eye of a congregation in South London, but hey! I'm not writing about 'fecal squirting'. So then, if that wasn't punishment enough, lets forgive Toon (I say!) and let's forgive Tata! (yes, I hear you call out!). And yes! Let's remember that after almost a week off and lots of resting, passive teachers get up at 5am with repentance in their hearts and renewed enthusiasm. Enough.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Suicide Bombers

It had to come up as a discussion point didn't it? I am guessing that the next EN cartoon will be about something on this. Let's open proceedings by asking what you chaps think about it from a gospel point of view. I can't help remembering Bane's comment after watching Spartacus some years back - he wryly commented on the end scene where loads of people get crucified instead of just the Spartacus figure - a way of group association in the extreme - anyways, Bane said something along the lines of "Many lives to save the one" or some such gospel reversal of one life for the many. The same kind of thing is at play here in my thinking: the contrast between a single explosive moment (and it's devastation) and the cross-moments of darkness for the Lord (and the subsequent upward spiral of life/joy/peace/hope/assurance etc). Any Gospel reflections on the events (of whatever nature) would be appreciated. Lazers. PS The idea of an innocent man being shot in the head five times resonates with the gospel in various ways... don't you think?

Would you let this man in your wedding photo?

Ah, the delights of image editing. Now the photo can safely be distributed amongst the relatives with out the shock of Tataboule's naked leg. Phew

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Age of the frog?

I have edited this post to more accuratley reflect the nature of the discussion that follows.

  • The arrival of the Frog
  • The revelation of the of the Frog (to all but the King - who I only met a couple of times int the late 90s!)
  • The Great Gagging of Carson caper

The trial of Toonarmy.

Let the opening statements be read. Accusations and charge:

Is it true that Toonarmy spoke clearly and unequivocally of the blog to a group of gossip-tendencious people? Is it correct that he then proceeded to speak not only of the existence of the blog but proceeded in espousing the EXACT and TRUE identities of each member while also speaking the codenames?
What has Toonarmy to say in response to this?


Several things to say on recent posts: 1. Red track suit: I wore anything red in those days with the overt fantasy of 'being' Steve Austin, the six million dollar man. 2. My cat can't wee at the moment, so takin to vets today. Poor thing. 3. That mondeo post! 4. I see Bane as a kind of Hastings version of back to the future. 5. 1.8? How about 'old man racer' as a new insurance category? 6. Are those alloys? 7. The court case of Toon begins with the next post. Participate as you will. 8. Oh, in view of the absence (and by that measure - technological contempt for this blog) of Huffheims, I have invited a brilliantly suitable old friend to participate. His name is secret (as are ours - ho ho) but his talents will be remarkable and hopefully should allow bring a spark in Huffs empty seat. Please trust my decision to invite this brother. I am sure that you will be pleased when you read his postings. I think we all know him.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Phew, the speech is over!

Yesterday was the wedding of some good friends here in Birmingham. I shared the best man duties with "The Bear" (mate who helped me with the bathroom refurb). It's been a busy time leading up to the wedding but thankfully it went really well - including the dreaded best mans speech. This is one of the photo's we shared with everyone on a powerpoint slide show, much to the embarrasment of the groom! Sadly I remember having a tracksuit just like this although I can't recall ever wearing it with black shoes and white socks. One thing I have to mention though is the traditional car trashing. Having placed four stinking kippers in the boot of my friends shiny 4 litre Range Rover, and seen a pack of ushers let loose with shaving foam and balloons etc. I thought we could rest content at a job well done. However, one of the ushers, who will remain nameless, bought a packet of condoms which he placed in the glove box only after inflating one which he left in the front seat along with a load of party balloons. So boys, picture the scene - the crowd of friends and family are cheering and waving, scores of children are running round like its Christmas and the Range Rover is slowly pulling away when out of the drivers window comes the one "balloon" we didn't want to see...it slowly floats to the ground only to be picked up by a delighted looking child who runs over to her parents to proudly show them her new found and slightly odd looking "balloon"! I legged it boys to go and tidy up the reception hall.

Monday, July 18, 2005

A couple of months ago our peugeot 205 was written off in an accident and went to car heaven. Now I am Mondeo man! I picked the Mondeo up last week all shiny and clean, the next day it was covered in seagull poo. Since then I've cleaned it, but you probably make out the signs of fresh defilement. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dead blog?

So then gents. What's happening? things seem to have taken a quiet turn. Is everyone okay? Is it just the 'silly season' and people are more occupied than I am? I guess I shall just chill and let things lie.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Podcasting PILOT!

This is quite exciting. Me and a mate at school have done a pilot podcast. Here is the link. It's 19 megs, but thats the way these things are. Try it if you can... it will give you a taste of our school life.


I may post some photos of the constant stream of mice being brought in at the moment, but for now just be calm: I am photographing each one before binning them. This site is the funniest thing I have seen this month, or maybe even for several months.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This is freaky!

Check out this link and type your name in the box before pressing the search button. Then wait....

The Batman prizes, notice especially the neat Bat image thrower casting the message; and ... the metal cap badge.

Monday, July 11, 2005

We're one but we're not the same.

This was the moment at the end of my school's 'Live 8 late' concert in the English faculty. Guess who was being Bono, and guess who split his trousers wide open on the last jump? Splittrousers

Sunday, July 10, 2005

You've been Kangoed

Well boys I got the Kango yesterday and ripped those concrete encrusted tiles off the bathroom wall....much to the delight of Saturday afternoon barbequers I'm sure. Even with the mask I reckon I inhaled about bucket of old paster and rubble. Absolutely bushed this morning but my quiet satisfaction is slightly undermined by the fact that the reconnected bath taps are leaking! Judging by the houdini like contortions I had to endure to try and tighten the water pipes underneath the bath I can now see why plumbers charge loadsa money.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Spider grandson

What about this for a grandson whose father is a film buff?


Unpainted is in Cambodia at the moment. He's popped over there from Thailand when his scuba diving expedition had to be called off because his inner ear problems. Anyway, he wanted to go to the temple complex which featured in the first Lara Croft film! He's hoping to be there at sunrise tomorrow morning - 4:30 am (which is actually in a couple of hours time by our watches). He's gone from being an executive search expert to being a solo backpacker.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

War of the Worlds

Just went to see it with some friends. I feel disappointed. I reckon that for all the treats that Spielberg serves us up with he is still only playing at things. When will he actually do something? There is something painfully dissatisfying somehow. Any thoughts?

My first born Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 04, 2005

Live 8 draft/final

Here's what I came up with. Thanks for the comments: the alternative widow idea from Bane was interesting. Toon: I hope that this hits the spot (a bit). I had to rush this through I am afraid and didn't really take very long on the image quality. Anyways. Live8Web Update PS: I just realised that 'Geldoff' is the wrong spelling and have just amended the original.

Live 8: the persistent widower

Boys, here is an email I sent just now to a certain lecturer at Oakhill. Please, any responses this evening? I am thrashing around trying to avoid a cliched minefield with the use of Live 8 in EN next month. Basically I thought originally that the 'drop the spiritual debt' idea would be a good basic usage, but got slightly scared off by Mrs Tata's nagging. Her worry is that I might be strengthening the anti-social-justice bunch who read the paper. I tend to think she has a good point although the Editor thinks that it isn't such a worry. Anyway, I went off in another direction that I think is probably better: Luke 18! The persistent widow story is pretty much a direct parallel with this and is a great way of challenging christians about the contrast between the way they pray and (say) Geldoff campaigns for G8 change. Any thoughts? (I am drawing it tonight, so if no response I shall just get on with it).