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Monday, July 31, 2006

First Narnia now the Nativity

Stumbled across this on the Apple movie trailers web page. Assuming it is going to be an accurate portrayl (and that may be a big assumption), what are the motives for it's production? What "message" will the script writer / director be aiming at? Is it a reflection of spiritually minded producers/studios or a cynical attempt to milk the "Christian" audience? Is this any different to the epics of the 50's (Ben Hur, 10 Commandments)? Are these useful points of reference for folk in our culture or just a distraction from speaking the truth plainly and trusting in the power of the gospel rather than a movie?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Just a quick post from the Isle of Wight. We are in Cowes on holiday for a week in the scorching heat (36 deg C yesterday). Elijah has four new teeth coming through his top gum which has led to some fraught moments but on the whole we are enjoying our rest here. We are staying in the home of my brother in law who is away now in Italy with his girlfriend having spent the weekend with us. I managed to catch the Farnborough airshow on Saturday before we came across to the Island which was impressive but slightly worrying at times (forked lightning and heavy thunder during some of the displays). Yesterday we sat in the shade of Yarmouth pier eating Isle of Wight ice cream made by the parents of Anthony Mingella (English Patient, Cold Mountain). I also spotted Griff Ryhs Jones walking through town the other evening - he looked pretty chilled out. People are seriously into sailing around here. I've also seen a lot of church buildings, some converted into houses now, which has made me wonder if there was revival here at some time - perhaps during the time of Wesley and Whitfield? Anyone know?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

il finito

In the end there were about 8 changes: pets, windows, people, back patio and the colour of one of the rooms. Now I have holiday times. Bye bye.

Groucho, Harpo, Chico and sometimes Zeppo

This is one of my reasons for having a TV and freeview and the new inclusion of the free Film4. Trivia note to Frog: did you know that you have often been referred to as the leading character in this film?

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I had a weird experience on friday: I was attending school sports day when some kids starting throwing a frisbee around on a bit of dry ground. I started taking part and getting some medium throws out - it has been two and a half years since I have been able to do it at all. I was struck by three things:

  • I still like doing it - even if I can't throw it very far
  • these kids are too easily impressed (by the old bouncing it on the ground trick) but I love the respect that I was getting.
  • orange is a good colour

Friday, July 21, 2006

Weren't the 70's Great!

Inspired by the dysfunctional Toon family picture of a few weeks ago, my wife thought it would be edifying if I posted this glimpse back to the 70's.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

WIP: colour INTERNAL completed

I am just waiting to collect final revision comments now from the client.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bane Update

Tataboule asked what happening with the Bane's recently. I'm currently in the midst of a preaching series at CEC. I did the first one on Sunday night and, though I got plenty of encouraging remarks, I don't think I've quite managed to erase the memory of Toonarmy. But I guess Chessington now has to take what ever scraps it can get. I'm doing three talks from 1 John which is turning out to be a slippery book. Pray for me as I try to make sense of it. With regard to the future, the Banes will be departing Historic Hastings in 6 weeks at the end of August. It'll be tough moving out of a full-time ministry post to an academic establishment. As my replacement prepares to come I'm sad to be leaving, as it would be good to work alongside him. But it just don't work like that. Still, I'm looking forward to learning how to snowboard. Toddler Bane turned three recently and is looking forward to living in "Daddy's new school", and baby bane is learning new words every day like "ball", "cat" and "wee wee". Mrs. Bane is beautiful as ever.

Magnum in Motion!

Just discovered this new Magnum site . Looks very interesting. I guess the idea of a picture slideshow isn't anyting new but I like the application of it to photojounalism stories. Makes me want to go and create a slideshow!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

WIP: colour external view completed.

Nuff sed.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Big Snit by Richard Condie

I remember watching this off the telly when I was a kid and loving it. I just found it on Youtube and heartily recommend a viewing NOW. This is a 9 minute cartoon that is very funny and weird and touching. An absolute classic. I don't expect any whiny post superman comments in the Kingesque style okay?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Worship wars

Tim Keller talks about contemporary worship vs historical worship in an article about this being a flawed perspective.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

More work in progression...

I do hope you wont get sick of me posting this stuff, but mentally it helps to push it out into the public domain after each stage. Otherwise it's like... constipation y' know?

Friday, July 14, 2006


That was good. I want to go again. You?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Your weekly dose of the Kellerman

The Keller installment this week: a talk about church planting and aiming at cities. Enjoy. It's up for a limited time and is about 18 megs. Some pictures that came up when I typed 'keller' into google images:

Toon in trunks

Toon was thin once And ... had ABS and pecs. But still wore spectacles

Fitter, happier ...

... more acctractive?

this little beauty greeted us in our hotel bathroom in Beijing.

I did not use them, so we will never know.

Category: Bath salts, non complimentary.

The Acctractive Frog.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

70's Bollywood Funk - Solla Solla

A little video gem from Transbuddah. Remind you of a certain wigged photo of Tata? Great bare-chested (male!) slow mo moments. And whatever you do, don't go to www.nudisttrampolining.com.

Media Scrum

So we arrived in ZhengZhou to a Paparazi brawl (well not really brawl, more like a gentle jossle - Chinese journalists are far too civilised for elbows!). All centred on the young woman in the blue beret - A UN peace keeper, returning from East Timor.


I know Toon will slap me with his Kryptonite hands for this but I just couldn't resist trying out that new freebie software that Tata put me on to. Not bad for a first attempt? Now that Toon has officially started his work in the Midlands I thought I should post something fitting. Looking forward to seeing the new Bryan Singer version this weekend. Will use this post to give feedback....that's assuming Tata and Skywalker haven't swamped the site with 50 million other posts by then. What has happened to the other bloggers? Where are those creative postings boys?

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Parts 16-27 now complete...

At the risk of breaking your blogging eyeballs with yet another post (and thus competing with Radish for the title of 'most active') I submit the next batch installment of the ultra-exclusive/hard to understand cartoon strip. I love this thing: I get to disregard audiences and disappear into a narrowly graspable line of communication. There are a few new characters in this one - all inspired by real events and hopefully will make people happy rather than sad. If you feel threatened in any way (Mike/Toon/Perm/Bane/Unpainted/King/Frog... stuff it - all of you) then you can always comment in the usual way. Ladies and gents: parts 16-27. Oh, and if you want to read it from the start, go here.

More of the same

This is a local pub. Some guy asked for a gift for someone. I think it's a romantic thing: maybe it was the first place they got drunk together. PS Please forgive the quantity of postings. I am having a fairly fruitful time at the moment and didn't want to hold back on sharing it.

Work in progress

I worked all day yesterday mocking up these two representations of a really nice house in Croydon. The second image is (if you haven't guessed) a cut away version. Update: I cleaned up the insides a bit to try and identify what I want to end up drawing. A kind of selective xray view.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


This is good! Really really cheap and funny. Wait till about the 7min mark because it goes really good!

Don't worry about it: it's not aimed at anyone on the blog but hey - it's always worth posting stuff if it's new.

The Frog is back

Having survived both the perils of Beijing Taxi drives and 99% humidity to sub zero air-con climate drops, I arrived back in Blighty 5am yesterday. My brain is slowly getting back to BST. Next time Mrs Frog is coming with - if I have to eat savory jelly onion slices, then so does she! Good to be back. Nice to see guest appearances from Radish - the last thing I heard from him were some surprisingly good pig squeals about 10 years ago. (The Frog was a some-time bass player at a church we've all seem to have emmigrated from). God bless. The Frog

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tim Keller on 'deep idols'

Motivated by Unpainteds posting about Keller I discovered that I have a whole series onchurch planting by the boy. Here is what I listened to this morning while cycling along the gloriously sunny Brighton coastline. It's an hour long (about 40 of preaching/20 questions) and is about 28megs to download, but has some very stimulating things to say about deep motivations away from God's glory. PS I will take it down in a week or so due to not having much space on my web hosting service.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Teaching rocks.

I have just finished this promo film about my school. It has turned out to be a bit of surprise hit among the staff because it 'avoids spin' and mainly reflects the excitement of teaching real kids in a real school. Actually I love working at this place because you can get on with teaching almost as if it were an artform or something and they encourage you to do it. I wanted to show it to friends whith broadband connections so uploaded a 50 meg version of it here. It will play perfectly on an iPod Video and should also be okay inside the latest version iTunes. If you have dial-up then maybe cancel any appointments for several days while you wait... PS. The still is a picture of one my best mates who heads up music and also naughtily eavesdrops on our blog... she never contributes but I know she is watching... PPS. Hooray Mrs Tataboule! 2 Years today we moved to Brighton! Hooray! What happy fun times! I love you girl! Adventures! Bearded people! Big fat penguins!