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Swinging the Ox Goad in Birmingham, Southgate, Chessington, Sevenoaks, Boston and Brighton.

Friday, September 29, 2006

"...this great big, malign village idiot of a film..."

Phew. That is one scathing review. I wonder a. what Unpainteds observations are (living in the US) b. what kermode will say

Thursday, September 28, 2006

We Come in Peace!

Pour Quoi? C'est francais, et jolie!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sound advice

Can any of you advise on whether the sound quality I would get using an iMic (mini-jack to USB adaptor) would be better or worse than a straight USB microphone? I already have a headset/microphone with mini-jack connectors but the mac mini doesn't have a dedicated audi input socket (so I need some sort of USB device or adaptor). I have heard that you get much better sound quality from a USB headset (rather than mini-jack) but not sure how different it is. If the sound quality isn't much better I think I'll get an iMic (30 quid) and use my old headset rather than invest in a USB headset (40 quid). Another bonus of getting an iMic is that it could be used to connect other audio inputs (e.g. a normal stereo so I could convert tapes/records to MP3)... Another related question, can anyone confirm whether I can use a mini-DV camcorder as a webcam? For the amount we'll use a webcam I'm thinking it would be better to just use our camcorder if possible.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Would you Furl?

Furl lets you save your bookmarks online, and I quite like it. Saves forgetting what you saw on another computer.

Programming AND Gaming?

Your chance for a little robotic action. 1. Program your robot to act and react to things 2. Test it 3. Fight King, you'll probably appreciate this more than others?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fox in sheeps clothing?

This morning on BBC.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Son of Tolkien

This could either repulse/make glad the fans of the Rings.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Madness and Kings Shuffle.

Madness 1. I saw a sweet sweet BBC4 documentary earlier today on the rise/fall/semi-reinvention of Madness. It was a really nicely produced piece that tracked the Camden days thru stardom and NF associations to the demise following the keyboardist splitting from the gang. I loved watching it: I was drawn deeply into some reflective moments. Here are my two most precious madness moments: a. Michael Radcliffe (yes: he) giving me a tape of Complete Madness at Lovelace Junior school. It had a biro - copy of the album drawn immaculately. I listened to that thing until I knew every word. b. When I thought I knew every word I stood up at the end of year Lovelace assembly where Mr Jones invited anyone to do anything in front of the whole school. I got up and sand 'Cardiac Arrest' to an audience that, weirdly, started to join in with the chorus. This was going well until I forgot the lyrics in the worst way possible in front of every person. It was terrible and I had to just walk back and sit down. For years I would wake sweating over that one. Years. Kings Shuffle So then: what happened? He got a new shuffle for his birthday and then the new ones emerged... What was the outcome?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Extras vs Mitchell and Webb

Even though this posting doesn't really apply to most of you... I thought that the first episode of Extras was okay. Not as good feeling as the first series, but I enjoyed it. The big revelation was the Mitchell and Webb prog that followed. Man - if you can tape a repeat, do it. Very very funny and crazy. The Numberwang sketch was so surreally amusing, and Mrs Tata is still laughing downstairs about the scene with some Nazi SS soldiers who have a crisis moment ('we have skulls on our caps: does that mean we are the baddies?'). The end of Extras was very touching as Andy appears to be selling his soul to downmarket comedy.

Monday, September 11, 2006

FIP radio

Okay then: 1. My relationship with my misses is more healthy than her posting indicates... 2. FIP is a french radio station that we get in Brighton and it has some really interesting and cool tunes. Not least it is all french speaking which adds a weird feeling to the whole shabang. How to get it online: 1. Here is the home page - for general info. 2. This link is how you get an intunes-friendly streaming radio link. The link should be downloaded to your desktop/wherever your downloads go. It will look a bit like this once it arrives on your desktop. 3. Once it is there, just click it and it will open an itunes radio stream. 4. From there, if you are really bothered, you can use something like this to record some nice CDs for your dinner parties. P.S. I should be home by 5.30pm and yes it's okay for me to cook. Please don't forget to post that envelope - it's about car insurance. Thanks darling I love you.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Little birthday beauty!

For those of you who are Jedi masters when it comes to digital players, what are your top recommendations for a not so young Padawan to load onto his shiny new shuffle?

RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR Mrs Toon and I went to our first cinematic experience in the centre of Birmingham (we previously did Cineworld in Rubery on outskirts of town with the Kings). First off, we were delighted that it cost £7. 60p in total for the two of us! This compares with £11.50p at the Odeon in Kingston. We thoroughly enjoyed this film (the "f" word is much in evidence but then I'd be a bit tempted that way myself if I had to face the stuff in this movie for real). Mrs Toon and I had a two whispered conversations about our personal ethics in the face of some of the questions raised. I changed my ethical position three times in the course of fifteen minutes. The issue for us was along the lines of "what would you do?" The film is obviously low budget; shot a very close quarters in one of those "guy carrying the camera" styles, and is claustrophobic, but then that's part of the point. The whole movie turns on a set of shocking providences and personal decisions which have far reaching consequences. We came out shaking our heads and saying, "Man alive!" Since we went to the 10:45 AM !!! showing it was wierd leaving the cinema to enter the glorious sunshine of a wonderful late summer day. What a contrast.

Have a good weekend cat lovers everywhere

The joy of being a worship drummer is sometimes almost uncontainable

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Swinging the Ox Goad in Southgate

The Banes have now moved into a house on the campus of Oak Hill College. Mrs Bane is excited about being in a 3 bedroom semi-detatched that doesn't have 20 concrete steps leading up to the front door. The little Banes are excited about being able to go out of the front door and play on the climbing frame with lots of other little children. Precious is excited about having a network connection in the house which means, yes you guessed it, high speed internet! I'm also looking forward to the studies. An interesting fact. Of the 42 new students on the Theological and Pastoral studies, 22 are anglican ordinands and 20 of us are independent students. I think that's why the bishops hate Oak Hill, and evangelicals love David Peterson.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wired Frog

The Frog was so embarassed by his mobile phone* that he decided to enter the technological wizardry of a Symbian Smart phone (donated to Frog by his savvy sister). The Frog now has the power of a 1.2 MB camera phone and a bluetooth dongle!!!. Two questions: 1. What becomes of a lovingly crafted old OMF Serve Asia CD-Rom? 2. What have the Frogs been producing on their allotment? * he would rather not have one at all

Contagious talks

The talks from this years Contagious are online if you're interested. Can I commend Pearcies talk on The Cross and Satan and Ian's on The Cross and Love.

Will this stop the un-interrupted tirade of tata posts? Probably not, but I hope it edifies the brothers.

T Frog

Social change through movies?

Just watched Syriana on Monday night and must say I thought it was a very interesting film. The first hour was, as Mark Kermode vociferously said in his podcast, very confusing (was it the script writer just having an ego trip? maybe). However, the ability to pause the film and briefly discuss along with some patience eventually paid off as the convoluted plot threads started to come together and make sense. A word of warning - there is one scene where someone gets their finger nails pulled out with some nasty looking pliers...thankfully it is brief! What made this film of particular interest was an article I read recently about a wealthy businessman called Jeff Skoll. He is the founder of Participant Productions that believes "in the power of media to create great social change" and "people are basically good and everyone deserves the chance to be a participant". They helped make 'Good Night and Good Luck' and a bunch of other films aimed at inspiring social change. What do you guys think about their cause? Do you think films can really make a difference?


Does this site strangely repel you? I'm sure that they didn't intend it to be like that, but even mr fat-neck doesn't help. He is just getting even more offensive by making eye contact. At least with the top row of freaks I can avoid the heat...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ok go: questions

1. Look. 2. What an interesting point concerning 1. 3. How is Bane getting on at his new place of study? Nice accomodation? Exciting studying? Faster internet connection? 4. Is there a listenable download for Unpainteds preaching on sunday? 5. Is he back and safe with his children and mrs? 6. King is birthdaying this weekend. Nice to see him start doing some video editing at last. Just go crazy on something short man. Explore the language and have a laugh. Who cares... it's yours to do what you want. 7. I realised today on my way home how exciting being a teacher is. But man it's hard to get back into the swing. 8. Does Frog still exist? Contagious or no? 9. The Doctor does exist, but he has no internet in his dermatology post at a hospital in cambridge. 10. Respect to Mrs Perm (not Mr Sperm!) who features on this weeks cartoon as the naughty silent peekabo blog reader. She has just bought a macbook and loves it.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Stockholm Syndrome: tidy version

Personally I feel quite happy about this one, but you are welcome to correct/question.

Stockholm Syndrome

This one is a long shot, seeing as I am starting to draw it in about 5 minutes, but for what it's worth... Here is the draft for the next EN cartoon. It alludes to the recent horrific hostage story without explicitly mentioning it. Panel 1: hostage P2: Two people find something hidden under carpet. P3: Surprise. P4: Something like - 'quick! escape! freedom!' P5: 'But this is my home'. The title is 'Stockholm Syndrome* (or the Happy Hostage)' and the epilogue verse is from 2 Tim2v25,26 where Paul advises sensitivity in sharing the gospel:

25Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 26and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.
*see the link... what is this: dimlow academy?